ToolTex a leader in the design, development, and construction of custom automated plastic assembly equipment for a wide variety of applications. We have built our name by providing the most reliable machines with the best support in the industry – and have done so for over 25 years. Using the latest plastic joining technology allows us to tackle the most difficult of challenges, big or small, and that is what sets us apart.

At ToolTex, we are committed to finding efficient and cost effective assembly methods for any plastic application, and will do everything we can to find the best solution for you.

  • Ultrasonics


    Ultrasonic welding utilizes high frequency, vertical motion to produce heat and the flow of thermoplastic material at the interface of mated parts. Read More »

  • Vibration


    Vibration welding produces a side-to-side scrubbing motion of low frequency energy, but it’s the high amplitude that creates frictional heat at the interface of the parts. Read More »

  • Hot Plate Welding

    Hot Plate Welding

    In the hot plate welding process, parts are brought into contact, or nearly in contact, with a heated platen or focused infrared heat source to encourage flow at the joint. Read More »

  • Standard Products

    Standard Products

    THG2 – 40kHz Ultrasonic System
    HP101 Standard Press Read More »

  • Spin Welding

    Spin Welding

    For assemblies with circular mating surfaces, Spin Welding is a must. During the spin welding cycle, one part is spun against its fixed mating part to produce frictional heat at the joint interface. Read More »

  • Staking


    During the staking process, a solid or hollow “boss,” or tab, protruding through a mated part is heated to a softening temperature and formed to a head that captures the mated part. Read More »