Utilizing the precise delivery of heat and pressure, Hot Stamping transfers the text and/or image from a die by depositing dry ink from a mylar carrier.

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Logos, product names, instructions, indicators and a countless variety of graphic information can be applied to flat plastic surfaces by hot stamping. “Tipping” is another common process where the part has raised letters with a flat surface and a flat die deposits the dry ink only to those surfaces.


Because the part is fixtured below the hot stamping die, the image is applied at a precise location on every part.

Design & Tooling

Dies can be made from suitable camera ready art which is mounted to the hot stamper by a dovetail mounting plate to allow easy change-over. Fixturing includes fine leveling adjustment to ensure even contact.


Hot stampers range from simple hand operated presses to multi-ton systems with automated part feeding to speed throughput.

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We provide efficient and cost effective assembly methods for any plastic assembly application.

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