TOOLTEX Inc. Announces Director of Engineering

September 3, 2019
Grove City, Ohio

Tooltex Inc. is pleased to announce the recent addition of Matthew Short, serving as Director of Engineering and Business Development to diversify ToolTex’s specialty assembly services into new markets and grow the overall business.

Mr. Short is renowned within the manufacturing industry for developing novel solutions for some of the most challenging applications in the fields of power ultrasound, plastic and metal welding, automated machinery, and tooling design. Prior to joining ToolTex, he spent 15 years at Edison Welding Institute where he developed 14 patents and played a leadership role in the creation of two for-profit organizations specializing in Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing and Ultrasonic Assisted Machining.

“Matt’s extensive experience and knowledge of the field of power ultrasound really brings a set of unique offerings to ToolTex’s customer base. Using advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and process development, our equipment and its operation is produced with scientific methodologies that are backed by extensive data analysis,” said Mr. Paul Spurgeon, President.

ToolTex Inc. specializes in custom power ultrasound and automated assembly systems for the defense, aerospace, automotive, consumer, and medical markets. For more information, please contact Mr. Short directly at, or 614.539.3222, ext 13.

ToolTex recently announced new SimpleStake - impulse heat staking on demand, with CleanRelease technology.

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ToolTex presents its latest linecard!

ToolTex Line Card


TX120 Servo Vibration Welder and Impulse Staking Demo

Thank you to everyone that attended the demonstrations of our NEW TX120 Servo Vibration Welder and Impulse Staking equipment!

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ToolTex introduces their new TX120 Servo Vibration Welder

ToolTex's Servo Vibration Welder features ultra-heavy construction. The servo-driven ball-screw actuated lift table is both rugged and precise with a capacity of 5000 lb of force and +/- 0.001” accuracy. Its welded steel frame construction is tuned for maximum isolation of vibration. This welder is ideal for welding engineered resins including elastomers and high fill content materials requiring hermetic seal.


Vibration Welder

ToolTex TX120 Servo Vibration Welder