During the staking process, a solid or hollow “boss,” or tab, protruding through a mated part is heated to a softening temperature and formed to a head that captures the mated part.

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Heat Staking utilizes a continuously heated forming tool that lightly contacts and conductively heats the boss to a controlled collapse against the mated part. Cooling is applied near the end of the cycle to re-solidify the shaped boss and aid in release of the heated tool.

Impulse Welding pulses high wattage to the tip for extremely fast heating with an incorporated cooling nozzle that accelerates cooling so dramatically that the tip performs similarly to a cold forming tool. A brief pulse of heating near the end of the cycle wets the formed boss to promote release, eliminating the need for PTFE coating of the tip.

Hot Air/Cold Staking is just that…a stream of hot air is directed to the boss followed by a cold forming tool to form the boss. Cooling is also applied to accelerate solidification of the formed head to ensure a tight assembly.


Trim bezels, chrome plated plastic logos and dissimilar materials often require one of these three methods of staking. Multiple, individually controlled thrusters in an array make these technologies a versatile method for mechanical capture-type assemblies.


Fine control of tip temperature or heat delivery, along with positive stops incorporated into thrusters, maximizes precision.

Joint Design & Tooling

Boss design is critical to a robust and cosmetically acceptable application. We encourage careful consideration to boss geometry, tip configuration, and material/coating before the project advances.

Heat Staking Tooling


Whether you require a single tool manually actuated by arbor press or need dozens of bosses to be formed simultaneously, ToolTex will explore the best solution to optimize throughput.

Plastic Heat Staking Applications


We provide efficient and cost effective assembly methods for any plastic assembly application.

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